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Tekola invites every “wild child” to live life to the fullest, expand their horizons and enjoy the ride.  Join Tekola as he explores the sights, sounds and flavors of his homeland, Ethiopia.

Fun Facts About Ethiopia:

  •  The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa

  • There are more than 80 ethnic groups and almost as many languages, but the primary language is “Amharic”

  • The major religions are Christianity and Islam

  • The local currency is the Ethiopian Birr

  • Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar, which has 13 months – it is the year 2004 in Ethiopia!

  • Ethiopia is one of the few African countries which has never lost its independence

I like to turn this on during homework hour. It makes the math go faster…

Sorene:  Children’s Songs from Ethiopia

Music from Ethiopia

Try these awesome Ethiopian recipes.  They are some of my favorite AND they are not as gross as you think!

Even when my parents say “Light’s Out!” I still sneak a few more pages of these great reads.

Ethiopia: A Question and Answer Book

A Family from Ethiopia

Silly Mammo

The Miracle Child:  A Story from Ethiopia

Fafi’s Sheep

Get Involved

One of my favorite organizations to work with is Ethiopia Reads.   They build children’s libraries in Ethiopia – where there are NO libraries.  Our family built one  in Aleta Wondo, near where my brothers and sisters live.  Check out the cool pictures  of these kids studying hard.  You can get involved too!