Guinea (West Africa)

Submitted by Marrisa M

Myself and fellow philanthropists had the pleasure of traveling to Kankan, Guinea a couple of years ago. The goal of our trip was to assist in coordinating the setup and curriculum for a children’s school as well as assisting local individuals with basic eletrical, plumbing, and other infrastructure related issues they were facing.

Guinea, a former French colony that was devastated by a corrupt Marxist regime until 1984, is now struggling to find stability. Despite its natural resources, its people are living in poverty. Guinea is one of the least evangelized countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Maninka tribe is the second largest people group in Guinea, centered in the city of Kankan. The Maninka work primarily as farmers, miners, or merchants. The society is patriarchal, men commonly have more than one wife, and each village is ruled by a chief. It is said that to be Maninka is to be Muslim. Although very religious, most people know little about their religion.

Throughout our time in Kankan, we were able to serve, be served, and I fell in love with the people. It is amazing to see people so joyous while living on an average of only $2 per day. I hope that these picture and brief story illustrates how easy it is to embrace other cultures and bring the world a little closer together.

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