Connection in Tibet

Submitted by Charlotte M

Over 10 years ago, I traveled to Tibet–not necessarily for enlightenment, but to hike in its beautiful countryside and greet a whole new culture. I came away from that adventure with experiences that truly changed my life. I came to experience a culture that is trying to hold on to the teachings of Buddhism within a political context that tests this will on a daily basis. Yet, the beauty, humbleness and generosity of its people proved that feeling pity is the wrong path to take. The path of karmic love and gratitude was exhibited everywhere we went. The Tibetans we met created a feeling of “home”–so much so, that, while waiting for a bus, an elderly grandmother silently took my hand in hers with a smile and all I could feel was joy and connectedness. That moment was just a snapshot of how I came to respect Tibetans and their strength as a guest in their ‘home”.

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