Life in Egypt

Submitted by Connor R

We had the pleasure of living in Maadi Egypt just outside Cairo for two years. We were only 20 minutes from the Giza pyramids. Often we would go to visit my camel Moses. His owner was Omar who always recognized me and came running over to say hello. Often at the pyramids I would meet many new friends especially the Egyptians who were coming from the country to visit the pyramids. They would often come over and take many pictures of me with their cell phones.

Luxor was one of our favorite places to visit. There were many tombs and temples here. Amazing because the colors that were used were so bright even after 1000′s of years. The temples were huge. Many statues and tall columns. I can’t imagine what it was like to walk down these halls when they had a roof. Right now, the roof is gone and you can see the moon and the stars. It is magical! At night they have a sound and light show that tells you about the different Pharaohs. Ramses II built the Luxor Temple (he isn’t related but he is a Ramsey like me).

I also loved riding on the felucca boats in Egypt. These are large sail boats on the Nile river. They are fun. Sometimes the driver would let me help. We spent many good times with friends and family on these boats. There is nothing like being out on the Nile. You never know what you will see! We saw beautiful birds, children swimming off a bridge, boats with bright lights and loud music (almost like fireworks on the water), dinner cruise boats and boats where people just got married.

Did you know that Egypt has incredible beaches too? We went to Sharm. They had camels on the beach there too. The water was so beautiful and warm. Swimming was fun, so were the resorts. Lots of great pools!

Most people in Egypt are Muslim. There are many mosques (a type of church) all around. We had one right next to our apartment. Each morning we would hear the call to prayer which was a song that the head of that mosque would sing to remind people it is time to pray. It was beautiful and was done 5 times a day.

My favorite part of Egypt was meeting the people. Egyptians are very kind and giving to others. In my building there were two children Mohamed and Ingie. They were very kind to me. We would play out in front of our building. They showed me that you don’t need many toys to play, just some rocks and plants. We didn’t speak the same language but that didn’t stop us from being friends.

I hope you get to explore Egypt some day too!

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