The American West

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Fun Facts About the American West

  • The very first rodeo was in Deer Trail Colorado, in 1864 - to settle an argument over who was the best at performing everyday ranching tasks
  • The Denver omelet western sandwich was a favorite among cowboys out on the trail, as it was easy to prepare and they would have had access to most of the ingredients, causing it to become a staple on their cattle drives.
  • Mining is a big part of the American West’s history.  The population of the West grew significantly during the gold rush years in the mid 1800’s
  • The Pony Express consisted of relays of men riding horses carrying saddlebags of mail across a 2000-mile trail. The service opened officially on April 3, 1860, when riders left simultaneously from St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. The first westbound trip was made in 9 days and 23 hours and the eastbound journey in 11 days and 12 hours. The pony riders covered 250 miles in a 24-hour day.
  • A ghost town is any historical town or site that leaves evidence of a town’s previous glory. There are hundreds of ghost towns in the West!


By The Light Of The Moon (Charlie Daniels)

Always Your Pal (Gene Autry)


Click here are some fun cowboy style recipes, including:

  • Chuck Wagon Brisket
  • Cowboy Beans
  • Old West Sourdough Biscuits
  • Corn Fritters

Don’t worry, I didn’t include the recipe for Rocky Mountain Oysters!


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Get Involved

The West was “won” in a way that was difficult for Native Americans.  As such, I have chosen the following organizations that will help us all to give back:

Futures for Children

Native American Heritage Association