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Tekola Takes Off One Sheet


“Tekola Takes Off” features inquisitive, personable and outgoing Tekola, a boy raised in two contrasting cultures.  He was born in a hut in rural Ethiopia, orphaned at the age of three, adopted by American parents and is now living the American dream.

With an extreme thirst for adventure, Tekola continues the journey that started in Africa and ventures across the globe, encountering a myriad of characters and situations along the way.  Some expected.  Some not.  He embraces new friends, unfamiliar customs and unusual traditions with the awe, wonder and “wisdom” of a 10 year old.  Whatever Tekola stumbles upon, it is usually the coolest, biggest, baddest, craziest or grossest thing he has ever seen.

Each 30 minute episode focuses on one locale, with Tekola fully immersing himself in the oddities of that culture.  He dons strange attire.  He tastes weird cuisine.  He attempts new dance moves without a clue – or embarrassment.  His reactions are innocent and honest, and his wide-eyed curiosity allows him to ask the questions that can’t and won’t be asked by an adult.  Tekola gets people to open up – and you’ll be surprised by what they share with him.