Videos From Around The World

“African Wild Child” is now “Tekola Takes Off”….. Check out our new look!

Haggis? Bagpipes? Kilts? This can only be the Scotland episode…..

Come along as Tekola explores the ancient culture of Greece – with it’s rich history, unbelievable food, incredible dancing and exotic music. It’s something to see and experience first hand!

I recently visited Puerto Rico – the Island of Enchantment. Join me as I learn the secret to why the island and it’s culture is so enchanting….

Join Tekola as he enjoys the sights, sounds, tastes and martial arts of Japan – an ancient and exotic asian culture.

Come along as Tekola explores the America West – the land of cowboys, horses, rodeos and much more! This is a long way from Ethiopia….

Join Tekola as he explores the sights, sounds and flavors of Ethiopia, the “cradle of humanity”. Ethiopia is where Tekola was born. Watch as he remembers what it is like to live in one of the most rural parts of the world.